Smile IP PBX

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Flexible architecture of the Smile IP PBX opens great opportunities offered by IP telephony.

The network may include brunches with the common or separate dialplan, centralized or local resource distribution. Create extensions groups and sub-groups with the individual set of functions depending on the organization structure.

No borderlines with virtual extension.

Set virtual extension with a unique function set to any employer, client or partner you want to contact with regardless of his location.

Organize audio- and videoconference, meetings or trainings with unlimited amount of participants.

Make high-quality video calls between Smile IP PBX users, with the ability to transfer call to another party, placing call on hold, connecting to the conference. Create multipoint audio and video conferences with stakeholder groups and the ability to control the flow of conversation.

Effectively serve all incoming calls to your company with the help of call center features.

Smile IP PBX includes built-in call center capabilities, including features such as registration agents, automatic call distribution (ACD), call queues and "pop-ups".

High-quality call recording with selectable modes and recording format.

 Smile IP PBX includes a Call Record Module to record conversations, which allows you to perform a full or selective record of conversations.

Smile IP PBX includes several types of softphones for different categories of staff.

 Softphones in Smile IP PBX intended to handle different kind of tasks and be complementary to the existing CRM system.