Smile IP Contact Center

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IP contact center Smile IPCC uses a two-tiered mechanism of calls distribution.

The first level programmatically routes the calls in accordance with the rules of the routing table. Each task can be assigned to one or more "rules" in the routing table. You can also assign different tasks for different times of day, days of the week and days of the year.

The second level is performed by the automatic call distribution (ACD) module. This module distributes the call to the agent and manages the queue.

Smile IPCC is based on open standards.

The server has a modular system where each module extends the capabilities of the system and provides maximum flexibility and ease of management. Thus, the contact center functionality can be formed depending on your current tasks.

Perform a massive outbound campaign with an intensity of up to 200 outbound calls per second.

Outbound Campaigns Module can provide simultaneous execution of different outbound campaigns. Dialer supports all standard modes:

Progressive - an outgoing call with the agent reservation. Before the call server allocates free agent that ensures successful connection when the user answers.

Predictive - an outgoing call without the agent reservation. To make calls server uses a special algorithm that predicts the probability of successful connection. This mode provides maximum payload of agents.

Preview - agent can accept or reject the execution of the next call. Before you make an outgoing call, the popup rises on the agents screen that contains customer information and other information.

Automatic – server generates a continuous outbound calls that served by the automated script. The simplest example of such a scenario can be playback of the selected audio file.

Agent workplace has a user-friendly interface that can solve any call center task.

The design is specifically designed to easily handle with the screen forms with which the agent works. For each task, you can specify application that will be called by the agent at the workplace. This can be a web application, java application, or executable form, developed in the Smile Form Maker.

Supervisor workplace is equipped with everything necessary for control and real-time contact center management.

The Supervisor can quickly choose which customer groups, tasks or operators should be displayed at the moment on his monitoring panel. Also the monitoring panel displays the status of operators, the status of queues, the current calls and operational statistics. The Supervisor can intercept, interfere or listen to the agents conversation, and also has access to listening to recorded conversations.

Messages Processing Module controls the flow of the voice messages, faxes, email requests over HTTP and SMS messages from mobile phones coming into the contact center.

Messages can be processed by automated scripts or enter the queue with further distribution to workplaces agents. If required, messages can be stored in a file, database, or forward an e-mail.