Smile IP PBX

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Billing module consists of data schema, admin’s web-application and a set of algorithms (IVR applications). Any relational DBMS that supports SQL standard can be used for data arranging. Work with billing performs via standard web browser with support of different access levels - administrator, dealer, user.

Key features
Calls authentication on various parameters. The caller can be identified by IP address, back number, gatekeeper’s registration record.
Corporate users account. Any number of users with different identifiers can use one account.
Withdraw funds from accounts in real time. Allows you to simultaneously establish any number of connections for a single account and control the balance on this account.
Various tariffs. A tariff package can be assigned to each user account. You can create tariffs for different periods of day, days of the week and days of the year.
Select tariff depending on dialed prefix. Allows user to select different operators, through which the call is routed.
Dealers accounts. Dealer is administrator of its own members group. It can create own tariff plans for users
Monitoring the minimum income threshold. For each tariff groups can be set profit threshold, taking into account that the system will choose the route for call termination.
Direct call number authorization. You can call at the expense of the called party.

Call Recording

Server can perform high-quality recording in real-time mode, simultaneously and independently from other functions.

Key features
Recording of voice connections, established through different signalling.
Decoding speech encoded in G.711 A-law, G.711 U-law, G.729 and G.723 voice coding standards.
Supported recording formats: PCM, A-law, U-law, GSM6.10, Microsoft GSM, DSP TrueSpeech. Records are stored in WAV format.
Continuous call recording. The recording session automatically initiates when connection established. Recording session remains even during the call transfer.
Recording in conference mode. Regardless of the number of the participants, the recording session continues until everyone has hang up.
Selective recording mode. In that mode you could define a list of phone numbers to record all incoming and outgoing calls initiated from these numbers. The possibility of forwarding to another number is also taken into account.
Total recording mode. In that mode, all inbound and outbound calls will be recorded, except those, initiated from the exception list of phone numbers.
Recording to local or network drive.
Binary recording audio files directly into database.
Recording call information into database. Any SQL database can be used.
High redundancy. In case of disconnection from database, information about call is stored on the server and after reconnection synced with database.
User Web App. With this app administrator can listen to records, save them in local drive or send via E-mail.

Selector Meetings

Organize audio- and videoconference, meetings or trainings with unlimited amount of participants.

Key features
Connect participants to the meeting wherever they are The participants of the conference call can be both internal users of IP PBX, using IP phones, software phones or telephones connected to the fixed PBX, and users with mobile phones.
Search for a conference participant The system automatically dials participant on the list of phone numbers, specified in the user account.
Creating groups of participants You can create any number of groups, the name and a set of participants will depend on the purpose of the meeting.
Unlimited number of participants The number of participants that can participate in a meeting is not limited.
One button initiation Moderator can initiate a meeting within the group of participants with one button. The system will automatically do the rest.
Controlling conference calls based on Smile IP PBX module is easy With convenient software interface, moderator has access to information on the status of all participants. For example, you can quickly respond to a request for a word or if the member of the meeting "disconnected". Moderator can:
  • Mute/unmute participants
  • Select the meeting leader (one speaks - others listen)
  • Connect all participants at the same time (all can speak at a time)
  • Prompt leader (prompter only hear a presenter)
  • Connect new participants during the meeting
  • Disconnect participants from the meeting
Audio recording of the meeting Audio recording function allows you to listen the discussion at any time and in high quality.
Audio playback When connected to the meeting, participants can listen to the audio file containing greetings, meeting information, or any other information.
Selecting video presentation Changing the location of the video boxes of the participants during the meetings allows you to set the presentation order in accordance with the purpose of meeting (whether it is discussion, report, training, etc.).


Effective interaction within the company, with customers and partners, through a robust and high-quality video images, with support for features such as video call transfer to another station, posing on hold, as well as connection to the conference.