Softswitch Smile CTI Server

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Multifunctional software platform that suites for telecommunication service providers also for any companies that develop their own telecommunication projects.

High performance, functionality and flexibility allows Smile CTI Server to integrate and provide a wide specter of telecommunication applications.

Softswitch of two types to meet your needs.

Transit Softswitch is used by CSPs and ITSPs for routing and call recording. Based on Smile CTI Server, it has high productivity and reliability. Softswitch can handle up to 2000 connections, depending on your PC's performance.

Based on Smile CTI Server, Intelligent Softswitch is a high performance software platform, integrated with application server. It combines functions of Transit Softswitch, session controller (SBC), IVR server and provides opportunities for development and implementation of wide range of voice services.

Billing Module for recording phone traffic.

This module extend a functionality of softswitch. Billing Module consists of data schema, admin’s web-application and a set of algorithms (IVR applications). Any relational DBMS that supports SQL standard can be used for data arranging. Work with billing performs via standard web browser with support of different access levels - administrator, dealer, user.

Card Platform for operators and providers that provide telephony or other services via dedicated access numbers

Solution based on Smile CTI Server implements all necessary functionality to support the development, implementation and development of these services.

Interactive voice application server can perform a wide variety of scenarios for call service.

Applications for server can be created using Smile Visual CTI visual development package or Java in combination with Smile CTI API.