Smile IP Contact Center

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Smile Form Maker

Smile Form Maker is a visual form designer for entering and displaying data. With this program, you can quickly develop applications designed to run on operator workplaces of call center. Smile Form Maker provides a developer-friendly graphical interface for design boxes and data processing schemas. Applications created in Smile Form Maker provide a number of additional features compared with other applications :

  • work with Smile IPCC application server. All requests to data sources execute through server that manages connections and controls request results.
  • data transfer from one application to another. Agent can fill out a form and pass this data along with the call to another agent (or script).
  • store service history. All display forms with which agent worked during call service is stored in database.

In addition to forms of client applications, there is one common form in Smile IPCC - "Client card". This is unified form of contact information, which is also created in Smile Form Maker, and can be used separately or simultaneously with client application. The data are automatically filled in it during client identification.

With this card, you can also view contacts history of client. This history contains a list of all client contacts with the staff of contact center and can include call log with operator or messages (fax ,email). Besides, you can view contents of all forms that were filled by agents during call service.

Smile Visual CTI

Visual environment that intended for developing and debugging Smile CTI Server applications. With Smile Visual CTI you can quickly and effectively create interactive voice scripts of any complexity.

Graphic algorithm of application constructs from set of "cubes", which includes:
Playing WAV audio file.
Synthesis of voice messages. You can playback the information about the account balance, phone number, time, date and numeric data.
Record voice messages. Record sound file in WAV format. You can also choose PCM, A-law, U-Law or TrueSpeech 8 K / s format.
Receive and send faxes. Reception and transmission in accordance with T.38/T.30 protocols. Reading and writing files in TIFF format.
Reception / transmission DTMF digits in accordance with SIP, RFC2833 and H.245 standards.
Switching calls. Operations such as "dial and connect." Using this feature bilateral connections and multilateral conference can be set.
Database operations. All basic standard operations - SELECT, UPDATE, INSERT, DELETE. Compatible with any database that supports SQL standard.
A set of functions to work with numeric and string variables.
File operations. Read, write, delete file functions. A set of functions for working with text files.
Launching external applications. Launching different files extensions (*.exe, *.com, *.bat).
Sending email. Supports SMTP protocol.
Executing web requests. Supported protocols: HTTP, HTTPS, FTP.
Executing requests to RADIUS server (Access-Request, Accounting-Request).
Executing subprograms written in Java.
Sending SMS.


With Smile IPCC API you can integrate Smile IPCC contact center into any web application that works under the Windows OS.